When your child is absent by law, schools must record absences and the reasons given.

Only the Headteacher can officially authorise an absence, but unless there is a concern, the staff will usually do this on his/her behalf. Parents should provide reasons in a letter for absences and the school must decide whether or not they allow the absence according to Government Guidelines.


Authorised Absences:

• Genuine illness of the pupil

• Hospital/dental appointment for the pupil

• Death of a near relative

• Religious observance (faith of the parents /carers)


Unauthorised Absences:

• A shopping trip

• A birthday treat

• Oversleeping due to a late night

• Looking after other children

• Letting the gas man in, etc


Whenever a child is absent from school the parent should:

  • Ring the school on the first day of absence, School number - 0121 772 3055
  • Leave message on answer phoneor with office staff
  • On return to school a written letter to explain absence
  • If possible give evidence:
     Let the school know in advance of any planned absences e.g.hospital appointments;
    • Doctor's appointment card/ a stamped letter from the doctor - you can write the letter and ask the receptionist to stamp it
    • Hospital letter/ doctor's note
    • Prescription or prescribed medicine
  • Try to make medical/dental appointments out of school hours.

Any child with attendance below 95% will be required to bring proof of absence after a phone call has been made. This can be an appointment card / a stamped letter from the doctor. You can write the letter and ask the doctor’s receptionist to stamp it. This will not be charged for.

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