UNICEF / Rights Respecting School

June 2017

Our Rights Rangers are very pleased to announce our school have been awarded the Rights Respecting Schools Award - Level One. This is in recognition of the learning and campaigning our whole school community have been doing about Children's Rights, both here and around the world. We will now be setting our sights on Level 2 and hope to achieve this next year. 



On Friday 13th May 2016 pupils in every class took part in Unicef’s ‘Day for Change’

Raising money to support Unicef's work to protect the children of Syria. 

Children brought in as much loose change as they could, and laid it end-to-end in the playground to see which class had the ‘longest’ amount. 4N won, with a total distance of 92 metres!  

Rights Respecting Launch Day


On Tuesday 19th April 2016, all the children participated in our 'Rights Respecting Launch Day’. During the day they made their own Class Charters; choosing the Rights they wanted in their classroom and thinking about how they would respect them.


Class Charters

We have been busy this term continuing work on our Rights Respecting Schools Award. Children have been choosing the children’s rights they think are important for their class and thinking about what they need to do to respect them.

These are put on display as a class charter, with the children deciding on their design and every child ‘signing’ the charter by adding their name, handprint or photo.

They all look amazing and children and teachers will be using them throughout the year to help support positive behaviour in school and help us recognise when children may not be getting their rights.

Rights Respecting School Award


Nelson Mandela School is very proud to be working towards the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award.


A Rights Respecting School is a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted. Over the forthcoming months, children and our school will learn about children’s rights by putting them into practice every day. The Award is not just about what children do but also importantly what adults do – in Rights Respecting Schools, children's rights are promoted with adults and children working together. 

Our Rights Respecting School Rangers

We have recruited a fantastic team to lead the Rights Respecting School’s Award!

Our Rights Respecting Rangers include pupils from Year One all the way to Year Six, and they will be making the decisions and leading our learning about Children’s Right in our school.

Sajjadur - 1K

“I enjoy being a Rights Ranger because I like to respect people”.


 Salma - 1F

“I enjoy being a Rights Respecting Ranger because I like maths! I’m good at remembering the numbers of all the articles.”

Aneeqa - 2J

“I enjoy being a Rights Respecting Ranger because I like to do assemblies and to remind teachers about children’s rights.”

 Alya 3B

“I like being a Rights Respecting Ranger because I like reminding teachers about our rights.”

Abidul - 3T

“I enjoy being a Right Respecting Ranger because I like doing assemblies”.


Aliza - 4J

“It’s a pleasure being a Rights Respecting Ranger because we help people learn all the rights.”


Laaibah -  4B

“I enjoy being a Rights Respecting Ranger because I want to help people and I want everyone have a proper life like me. Being a Respecting Ranger is fun. I love being a Rights Respecting Ranger, I love helping people.”


Adam - 5B

“I enjoy being a Rights Respecting Ranger because it’s a job where you help everybody in school and children in other countries too. It’s a great job and I love it.”


Safiya - 5N

“I enjoy being one of the Rights Respecting Rangers because I get to help lots of children learn their rights and what they are capable of. I also love this job because I do lots of different assemblies. The last reason I love this job is because I can help children around the world get their rights.”

Sufiya - 6R

“I enjoy being a Rights Respecting Ranger because we can tell everyone why we are Rights Respecting Rangers also we respect our school and I love Rights Rangers assemblies too.”








 Mehak - 6R

“I enjoy being part of the Rights Rangers team because we all listen to each other’s opinions and we all take part.”




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