Attendance Overview



Our attendance over the past 8 years has steadily improved 

2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12* 2012/13* 2013/14* 2014/15
91.72% 92.32% 94.83% 93.22%  96.66% 96.71%  96.63% 96.20%

 Our overall attendance for the 2014 - 2015 school year, excluding Eid was 97%

* =School data

Based on the summer census we reached our target set by the LEA of 95% which is better than the national average of 94%. This is something to be proud of and celebrate!



How did your child's attendance compare for Sept 2014 - July 2015?

Attendance during one school year

equals this number of days absent

which is approximately this many weeks absent

which means this number of lessons missed


19 days

4 weeks

100 lessons


38 days

8 weeks

200 lessons


57 days

11.5 weeks

290 lessons



90 Percent attendance sounds good, but means that your child misses:


  • One half day each week
  • Nearly four weeks every school year 
  • Over one school year in a school career


This year we will continue to be strict on attendance.We need to improve on last year's target.

Persistent absence is an unacceptable amount of time off by a child.  This is decided by a set number of sessions over a term.

A session is a morning or an afternoon in school - ie: 7 sessions = 1 day

Missing sessions off school will affect your child's learning and progress and could lead to a fine from the local authority. 

Any child missing 10 or more sessions from the first half term and 20 by the end of the first term will alert ourselves and the ESW there is a problem. The school will have to explain the absences and to put a plan into place to improve the attendance. If the poor attendance continues then prosecution could follow. 

We must keep our persistent absence grade below 2.5%.

Our current persistent absence grade is 1.91%, which is lower then the national average of 4%.

Any attendance below 95% is unacceptable to the Governing Body of Nelson Mandela School and to the Local Authority.

If we do not we will be judged inadequate in an inspection. Our achievements are far from inadequate so we must work extra hard to keep our outstanding grade.

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