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Year 1

Year 1

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Seasonal Changes

Observe Changes Over The Four Seasons

Changes In Day Length And Seasons

Everyday Materials

Identifying & Investigating Properties Of A Variety Of Materials And How They Can Be Physically Changed.


Observe And Name Light Sources & Learn What A Shadow Is

Animals - Including Humans

Identifying And Naming A Variety Of Animals

Learning About The Basic Parts Of Animals And The Human Body


Identifying And Naming Plants

Indentifying Parts Of Plants

Science Week and End Of Year Assessments



Using Programmable Toys

Using Video Software

Illustrating An eBook

Finding Images Using the Web Computer Networks

Producing A Talking Book

Creating A Card Electronically 




Circle Time

Special People Getting To Know You Making Choices For A Healthy Life Right & Wrong

Improving Health

Personal Hygiene


 Clay / Portrait / Photography


 Collage / Print / Mixed Media


 Textiles / Viewpoints / People,Places




Designing And Making A Card Linked To And Reflecting The Celebration In The Design. This Could Incorporate A Moving Part Such As A Lever Or Sliding Part.


Protective Bag

Designing And Making A Bag For A Specific Purpose Using Stitching And Fastening And Selecting Appropriate Materials.


Food Technology - Designing And Making A Simple Healthy Sandwich Using A Variety Of Breads And A Combination Of Fillings. A Simple Survey Showing The Most Popular Fillings May Be Undertaken.


Geography / 

Around Our School (Geography)

Features Of The Immediate Local Area.

Directional Language

Making Maps

Local Area Walks

Toys & Games (History)

How Toys Have Changed Over Time. How children's Lives Have Changed Over Time - Linked To Toys. 

Significant Events & People - Explorers (History) 

Why Do People Explore?

Look At A Different Explorer Each Week


Where In The World Is Barnaby Bear? (Geography)

Mapping Skills, Grid References, Compass Points

Weather - Daily Patterns & Seasons 

Changes In Living Memory (History)

Royalty - Who Are The Royal Family?

What Do They Do?

How Are Their Lives Different From Kings & Queens Before? 

How Can We Make Our Local Area Safer? (Geography)

What Are Our Views Of Our Local Area?

What Would We Change If We Could?



Exploring Sounds

Identify Different Ways Sounds Can Be Made & Changed

Use & Choose Sounds Confidently In Response To Stimulus

Make & Control Long & Short Sounds Using Voices & Instruments

Work In Partnerships To Create A Sequence Of Long & Short Sounds

Work In A Small Group Of Children To Compose, Perform And Record Extended Sequences

Identify Pulse In Music, Repeat & Create Short Rhythmic Phrases Confidently

Create & Control Rhythmic Patterns With A Strong Sense Of Pulse; Set A Tempo For Other To Follow

Identify & Control Changes In Pitch And Use Them Expressively

Use Changes In Pitch Expressively In Response To A Stimulus Song & Perform With Accurate Control Of Pitch 

Indentify & Control A Variety Of Sounds On Musical Instruments With Confidence

Perform With Others

Suggest How Different Sounds Can Be Organised; Make Improvements To Their Own Work.


Carefully & Confidently Choose & Order Sounds To Achieve An Effect 

Recognise And Use Changes In Timbre, Tempo, Pitch & Dynmamics To Make Subtle Changes In Sounds

Recognise How Sounds Can Be Combined To Create A Wider Range Of Sounds.


Cultivating Inclusion, Identify & Belonging

Being Thankful

Being Modest & Listening To Others

Expressing Joy 

Being Fair & Just

Being Accoutable & Living With Integrity 

Being Courageous & Confident

Being Loyal & Steadfest 

Remembering Roots

Being Hopful & Visionary 

Being Curious & Valuing Knowledge

Being Open, Honest & Truthful 

PE / Games

Net & Wall Games


Gymnastics   Gymnastics Invasion Games  Athletics 







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