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Year 2

 Year 2

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Seasonal Changes

Observe Changes Over The Four Seasons

Changes In Day Length And Seasons

Animals Including Humans

Learning That Animals Have Offspring, What Animals Need To Survive

Human Health, Including Exercise, Food & Hygiene


Observe And Name Different Sound Sources

Know That We Hear With Our Ears & Sounds Get Fainter When The Source Is Further Away

Uses Of Everyday Materials

Identify & Compare The Uses Of A Variety Of Everyday Materials

Compare How Things Move On Different Surfaces


Observe & Describe How Seeds & Bulbs Grow Into Mature Plants

Find Out & Describe How Plants Need Water, Light And A Suitable Temperature To Grow And Stay Healthy 

All Living Things And Their Habitats

Understanding Living And Non Living

Investigating Habitats And How They Provide Animals' And Plants' Needs

Introducing Basic Food Chains

Science Week & End Of Year Assessments


Desktop Computer Clip Art

Using Programmable Toys

Programming On Screen

Researching A Topic

Taking,Selecting And Editing Digital Images

Exploring How Computer Games Work

Using Different Ways To Communicate

Recording Data

PSHE / Citizenship / SEALS / Circle Time

Keeping The Body Healthy 

Looking At The Body

How Bodies Develop

Looking After The Body

Keeping Clean

Respect - Looking After Things

Effort - Working Hard

Frienship - Getting On

Resolving Conflict

Recognising Choices

Following Rules

Meeting Needs


Improving The Environment

Making A Contribution

Where Money Come From & Goes To  

Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Education

Rules Are Important

Feeling Unwell & The Role Of Medicines

How Medicines Can Be Harmful

Safety Around Household Substances

How Our Behaviour Effects Others

Listening To Others

Respecting Differences

Caring For Each Other


Getting Help


 pallet with paint    animation

Collage / Print / Mixed Media


Clay / Textiles / People, Places


Viewpoints / Portraits / Photography



Designing & Making A Simple Two Dimensional Coat Using A Range Of Appropriate Textiles  


Designing & Making A Vehicle To Carry Specific Goods


Designing & Making A Simple Puppet Based On Pupils Or Friends That Have One Moving Part


Geography / History

Famous People (History)

Lives Of Significant Individuals Who Have Contributed To National & International Achievements And Time Comparisons

The Great Fire Of London (History)

Events That Led To The Great Fire

What Impact It Had On Life

How Houses Were Built

Contrasting Locality (Geography)

Look At The World Map - Where Are We?

Where Is Mexico?

Look At Images Of What It Is Like There - How Does It Compare To UK?

Mapping Skills (Geography)

Look At Maps Of Local Area Surrounding School

Use Map To Walk Around Local Area  

Cadbury Family (History)

Where, How & Why Was It Started?

What They Did For the Area And Their Workers - How Did Bourneville Start?

The Seaside (Geography & History)

How Holidays And Seaside Places Have Changed Over Time

What Significant Landmarks Can Be Found Only At The Seaside?


Make & Control Long & Short Sounds Using Voices And Instruments

Work In Partnership With Another Child To Create A Sequence Of Long & Short Sounds

Identify Pulse In Music; Reapeat And Create Short Rhythmic Phrasrs Confidently

Create & Control Rhythmic Patterns With A Strong Sence Of Pulse; Set A Tempo for Others To Follow

Identify & Control Changes In Pitch And Use Them Expressively; Create Short Melodic Patterns

Use Changes In Pitch Expressively In Response To A Stimulus Song And Perform With Accurate Control Of Pitch

Identify & Control A Variety Of Sounds On Musical Instruments With Confidence

Perform With Others

Suggest How Different Sounds Can Be Organised 

Carefully And Confidently Choose And Order Sounds To Achieve An Effect/Image

Recognise And Use Changes In Timbre, Tempo, Pitch And Dynamics


Identify Different Ways Sounds Can Be Made & Changed; Use And choose sounds confidently in response to a stimulus

Carefully Choose Sounds And Instruments And Suggest How They Should Be Used And Played


Living By Rules

Being Temperate, Self Disciplined & Cultivating Contentment

Being Regardful of Suffering

Sharing & Being Generous

Creating Unity & Harmony

Participating & Being Wlling To Lead

Caring For Others, Animals & The Environment

Being Merciful & Forgiving

Being Silent & Reflective

Being Imaginative & Explorative

Appreciating Beauty

PE / Games

Net & Wall Games




Invasion Games



Stories With Familiar Settings

Traditional Stories

Different Stories By The Same Author

Extended Stories / Significant Authors



Non - Fiction



Information Texts

Non -Chronological Reports




Patterns On The Page

Hear, Read, Respond To & Write Poems With Particular Patterns

Simple Poems Or Passages Of Descriptive Prose Based On Closely Observed Experience

Children Hear, Read & Respond to Silly Poems And Other Humorous Texts That Play With Language, E.g Riddles, Language Puzzles, Jokes & Nonsense Sentences




Speaking & Listening


To Speak With Clarity & Use Intonation When Reading And reciting Texts


To Listen To Others In Class, Ask Relevant Questions & Follow Instructions

Group Discussion & Interaction

To Listen To Each Other's Views And Preferences, Agree The Next Steps To Take & Identify Contributions By Each Group Member


To Adopt Appropriate Roles In Small Or Large Groups And Consider Alternative Courses Of Action




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