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Year 3

Year Three

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


 Seasonal Changes

Observe Changes Over The Four Seasons

Changes In Day Length And Seasons

Forces & Magnets

To Recognise And Compare Magnetism As A Force. To Investigate The Behaviour Of Magnets. To Identify Magnetic And Non-Magnetic Materials.

Animals Including Humans

Learning About Human Nutrition. Human And Animal Skeletons And Muscles.


Compare, Classify And Idenify Different Rocks. Learn How Fossils Are Formed. Learn About Soil.


To Observe That Light Is Reflected From Surfaces. To Learn How Shadows Are Made And Altered.


Learning The Functions Of Plant Parts. Requirements For Growth And How These Vary Between Different Plants. Lifecycle Of Flowering Plants.

Science Week And End Of Year Assessments.


PSHE / Citizenship / SEALS / Circle Time


Getting To Know You

Listening And Concentrating


Being Kind


Eating Healthily, Being Active

Staying Healthy

Healthy Eating

Keeping Fit

Leisure Activities

Giving Opinions

Setting Goals

Facing Challenges

Jobs Carried Out By People

Looking After Money


The Range Of Identities In The UK

Charity In Action

The Media

Danger Of Bacteria

Medicines And Drugs

Taking Risks

Peer Pressure

How Actions Affect People

Challenging Stereotypes


Programming An Animation

Finding And Correcting Bugs In Programs

Recording A Performance

Exploring Computer Networks, Including The Internet

Communicating Safely On The Internet

Collecting And Analysing Data


Portraits / Clay / Print / Textiles

Sculpture / Collage / Mixed Media


Viewpoints / Photography / Free Choice



1) Designing And Making A Pop-Up Card For A Special Occasion. Cards May Incorporate A Folding Mechanism With Additional Collage Techniques.

2) Designing And Making A Vehicle For A Travelling Circus That May Include A Light


1) Designing And Making A Model Of Playground Equipment From A Variety Of Materials And Using Construction Kits.

2) Designing And Making Bread Rolls Or Small Loaves.

1)Designing And Making A Battery Powered Torch In Relation To Other Areas E.G. Colour And Light, That May Include Simple Circuits And Switches.

2) Understand Seasonality, Prepare And Cook A Savoury Dish

Geography / 

The Achievements Of The Earliest Civilizations (History) The World - Weather, Continents, Oceans And Time Zones(Geography) 

Human And Physical Features (Geography)


UK And The Local Area


Local History

What Was It Like To Live Here In The Past?

Birmingham Through The Ages



Changes From Stone Age To Iron Age

  • late Neolithic hunter gathers and early farmers, eg Skara Brae
  • Bronze Age Religion, technology and travel (Stonehenge)
  • Iron Agehill forts, tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture



Exploring Descriptive Sounds

Recognise How Musical Elements Can Be Used Together To Compose Descriptive Music; Combine Sounds With Movement And Narrative


Exploring Rhythmic Patters

Recognise And Create Repeated Patterns; Perform With Control Of Pulse And Awareness Of What Others Are Playing


Exploring Arrangements

Sing In Tune; Maintain A Simple Part Within An Ensemble; Work With Several Layers Of Sound And Have An Awareness Of The Combined Effect

Exploring Pentatonic Scales

Compose And Perform Simple Melodies And Songs Independently; Create Simple Accompaniments For Their Tunes Using Drones And Melodic Ostinati Based On A Given Pentatonic Scale With Confidence

Exploring Sound Colours

Carefully Choose, Order, Combine And Control Sounds With Awareness Of Their Combined Effect; Use Sound To Create More Abstract Images

Exploring Singing Games

Sing And Play A Range Of Singing Games; Describe Their Musical Characteristics; Make Up A Singing Game With Words, Actions And A Strong Sense Of Pulse, And Teach It To Other Children


Sharing & Being Generous

Caring For Others, Animals And The Environment 

Creating Unity & Harmony

Participating & Wlling To Lead

Being Fair & Just

Being Accountable & Living With Integrity

Remembering Roots

Being Loyal & Steadfast

Being Open, Honest & Truthful

Being Silent 7 Attentive

Being Hopeful, Courageous & Visionary

MFL (Modern Foreign 



Number 1-10


Classroom Instruction

Giving & Asking For Name

Asking For And Stating Age

Recap Greetings, Giving Name And Age

Instructions For Actions

Adverbs For Performing Actions 


Naming Fruits & Other Food Items

Numbers 0-12

Revision Of Colours

Days Of The Week

Listen To The French Version Of The Hungry Caterpillar

Months Of The Year

Ask For And Give Birthday Month

Give The Weather For Some Months

PE / Games


Net & Wall




Invasion Games



Stories With Familiar Settings

Myths, Legends, Fables, Traditional Tales

Adventure & Mystery





Reports Research & Notetaking Techniques

Children Watch & Analyse Broadcast Information

Children Read & Analyse Report Texts


Information Texts

Persuasive Texts



Poems to Perform

Shape Poetry & Calligrams

Language Play, These could Include Puns, Riddles, Nonsense Verse, Cautionary Poems, Word Games & Puzzles




Speaking & Listening


To Explain A Process Or Present Information, Ensuring Items Are Clearly Sequenced, Relevant Details Are Included And Accounts Ended Effectively



To Follow Up Others Points And Show Whether They Agree Or Disagree In A Whole-Class Discussion 

Group Discussion & Interaction

To Use Talk To Organise Roles And Action. To Actively Include And Respond To All Members Of The Group



To Present Events And Characters Through Dialogue To Engage The Interest Of An Audience





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