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Year 4


Year 4

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Seasonal Changes

Observe Changes Over The Four Seasons

Changes In Day Length And Seasons


Uses Of Electricity. Creating Simple Circuits. Investigating Insulators And Conductors.

All Living Things

Identify, Name & Classify A Variety Of Living Things In The Local And Wider Environment. Recognise That Environments Can Change And This Can Sometimes Pose Dangers To Living Things.

Animals Including Humans

Learn About The Digestive System In Humans. Identify The Different Types Of Teeth In Humans And Their Simple Functions. Construct And Interpret Food Chains, Identifying Producers, Predators And Prey.



Observing How Sounds Are Made (Vibrations).

Investigating Pitch And Volume.

States Of Matter

Classify Solids, Liquids And Gases.

Observe And Investigate Changing State.

Identify The Part Played By Evaporation And Condensation In The Water Cycle.

Science Week & End Of Year Assessments


Use A Computer Graphics Package To Develop And Refine An Image Selecting The Most Appropriate Tools And Saving Drafts.


Create A Set Of Instructions To Carry Out A Task. Know That The Order And Accuracy Of These Instructions Are Important.


Develop And Search A Branching Database Using Effective Criteria.

PSHE / Citizenship / SEALS / Circle Time


Solving Problems

Resolving Conflict




Rules And Laws

Anti Social Behaviour

Responsibilities – Rights And Duties

Moral Issues – Nelson Mandela Beats Apartheid

Resolving Differences

Voluntary Groups – Age Concern

Eating Healthily, Being Active

Staying Healthy

Healthy Eating

Keeping Fit

Leisure Activities

Range Of Identities In The UK

A Charity In Action

How The Media Presents Information

Alcohol And Drugs

Taking Risks

Peer Pressure

Looking After My Money

Personal Spending

Spending And Saving


 Clay / Print / Textiles / Portrait


 Sculpture / Mixed Media / Free Choice


Collage / Viewpoints / Photography 



1) Designing And Making A Moving Storybook With A Series Of Moving Parts Based On Paper Or Card Linkages.

2) Designing And Making A Purpose Built Home Using A Range Of Sources To Gather Information.


1) Designing And Making A Large Scale Model Of A Minibeast, Creature Or Insect.

2) Design And Make A Bag Or Purse To Fit On A Belt That May Include A Variety Of Fastenings With Pockets And Compartments.



Designing And Making A Box For A Specific Product. Each Box Can Be Decorated With A Design And Textual Information To Reflect The Product Inside.

Food Technology

Understand Seasonality Of Food And Prepare And Make A Savoury Dish


Geography /History

The Romans

The Roman Empire And Its Impact On Britain, Including The Legacy Of Greek Or Roman Culture On Later Periods In Bristish History, Including The Present Day

Improving The Environment 


Ancient Greece - A Study Of Greek Life And Achievements And Their Influence On The Western World

European Country Study

Similarities And Differences Compared To The UK


A Study Of An Aspect Or Theme In British History That Extends Pupil's Chronological Knowledge Beyond 1066 - Tudors 

Polar Regions 




Whole Class Instrumental Teaching Programme

  • Provided By Birmingham Music Service
  • All Children Learn To Play Either A Cornet Or Clarinet Receiving Weekly Lessons
  • Children Also Take Home Their Own Instrument To Practice Weekly
  • Children Perform Termly To Their School And Parents
  • Children Will Learn To Use And Understand The Basics Of Staff And Other Musical Notation

Religious Education

Expressing Joy

Being Thankful

Being Curious & Valuing Knowledge

Being Reflective & Self Critical

Being  Modest & Listening to Others.

Identity & Belonging

Cultivating Inclusion

Being Merciful & Forgiving

Being Regardful of Suffering

Living by Rules

Being Temperate, Self Disciplined

Being Imaginative & Explorative

Appreciating Beauty

 PE / Games

Net & Wall




Invasion Games


Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)French

Revision Of Colours From Year 3

Parts Of The Body

Asking For French Translation

Zoo Animals

Introduce Some letters Of The Alphabet And Vowels

Revise Previously Learnt Adjectives And Introduce New Adjectives

Learn Song "Meunier Tu Dors"

Find Rhyming Words In Song 

Story Vocabulary

Pets Vocabulary

Nouns, Verbs And Adjectives

Use Of Dictionary To Build Vocabulary

Playground Song And Activity

Recap Opinion Phrases

Numbers 12-31

Revision Of Leisure Activities And Opinion Phrases Linked To These 


Stories With Historical Settings

Stories Set In Imaginary Worlds 

Stories From Other Cultures

Stories That Raise Issues / Dilemmas 




Recounts: Newspapers / Magazines

Information Texts 


Persuasive Texts 




Creating Images, A Range of Poems & Prose Extracts That Use Similes & Other Simple Images to Create a Vivid Picture

Exploring Form Skills Are Developed In The Context Of Working With ICT To Develop The Reading, Analysis & Presentation Of Published Poetry





Speaking & Listening


To Use And Reflect On Some Ground Rules For Dialogue.

To Respond Appropriately To The Contributions Of Others In The Light Of Alternative Viewpoints.

To Tell Stories Using Voice Effectively.


To Compare The Different Contributions Of Music, Words And Images In Short Extracts From TV Programmes.

To Listen To A Speaker, Make Notes On The Talk And Use The Notes To Develop A Role-Play.

To Investigate How Talk Varies With Age, Familiarity, Gender And Purpose

Group Discussion And Interaction

To Take Different Roles In Groups And Use Language Appropriate To Them, Including Roles Of Leader, Reporter, Scribe, Mentor

To Use Time, Resources And Group Members Efficiently By Distributing Tasks, Checking Progress,Making Backup Plans


To Comment Constructively On Plays And Performance, Discussing Effects And How They Are Achieved

To Develop Scripts Based On Improvisation.

To Create Roles Showing How Behaviour Can Be Interpreted From Different Viewpoints.




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