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Year 6

Year 6

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Seasonal Changes

Observe Changes Over The Four Seasons

Changes In Day Length And Seasons

All Living Things

Describe And Classify Living Things, Including Micro-Organisms, Plants And Animals


Learn How Voltage Effects The Brightness Of A Lamp Or The Volume Of A Buzzer

Compare And Give Reasons For Variations In How Components Function

Use Recognised Symbols When Representing A Simple Circuit In A Diagram

Evolution And Inheritance

Learn About Living Things Having Changed Over Time

Identify How Animals And Plants Are Adapted To Suit Their Environment In Different Ways And That Adaptation May Lead To Evolution

Animals Including Humans

Learn About The Human Circulatory System

Recognise The Impact Of Diet, Exercise, Drugs And Lifestyle

Describe How Nutrients Are Transported Within Animals


Understanding That Light Travels In Straight Lines From A Light Source And Reflects Off Objects

Understanding How Objects Are Seen.

Understanding And Predicting Shadows

Science Week And End Of Year Assessments



Multimedia Presentation

Design, Create And Evaluate Their Own Presentations Maximising The Use Of ICT To Present Information In Different Ways, Being Aware Of The Audience.


Use A Greater Range Of Media To Effectively Communicate Ideas For Different Purposes And Audiences


Digital Blue Unit

Use A Greater Range Of Media To Effectively Communicate Ideas For Different Purposes And Audiences

Using The Internet To Search Large Databases And Interpret Information

Search The Internet To Find Appropriate Information Taking Care When Framing Questions;

Understand When The Information Is Valid And Present It For A Chosen Audience

Validate Resources And Check For Bias In Presenting To A Specific Audience.

ICT Safety Week - They Use ICT Safely And Responsibly (Mobile Phones, Cameras, E-Mail, Internet)

PSHE / Citizenship / SEALS / Circle Time

How The Body Works And Changes In Puberty

Changes In The Body. Rates Of Development


Solving Problems

Resolving Conflict

Achieving Changes

Gender Issues.

Bullying And Its Effects

Internet Safety And Cyber Bullying

Bullying And Vandalism


Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco

Gang And Knife Crime


Looking After My Money

Personal Spending

Spending And Saving

How The Media Presents Information

Challenging Stereotypes

A Range Of Identities In The U.K

Drug, Alcohol And Tobacco Education

Risk Taking And Dealing With Pressure. Taking A Risk. Weighing Up The Pros And Cons Of Taking Risks. Why Take Risks? The Pressures And Influences On Us. Smoking – Weighing Up The Risks. Resisting Unhelpful Pressure Or Influences. 


Print / Portrait / Collage

Sculpture / Mixed Media / Clay


Viewpoints / Photography / Textiles



Lifting And Shifting

1) Designing And Making Construction Type Vehicles That Can Include Pulleys And Gears.

2) Food Technology Plan, Prepare And Cook A Healthy Savoury Dish


1) Fairgrounds or 2) Greeting card

1) Designing And Making A Motorized Fairground Ride Including A Motor And Switch For Control. Rides Can Be Decorated To Reflect Research.

2) Designing And Making A Card For A Specific Purpose That Has A Sliding, Pushing, Pulling Or Rotating Moving Part.


Designing And Making A Pair Of Moccasin Slippers Using A Variety Of Fastenings.

Geography / History

A Local History Study - Birmingham

World War 2 

Reasons For And Results Of The War

Britain Since The War

Through The Decades

Significant Events From Each Decade Through Time 

Contrasting UK Locality

What's In The News 


Hold Their Part In A Two-Part Round With Confidence, And Appreciate The Effect Of The Harmonies Produced; Sustain A Drone Or Melodic Ostinato To Accompany The Singing


Recognise And Make Creative Use Of The Way Sounds Can Be Changed, Organised And Controlled (Including Using ICT); Extend Their Sound Vocabulary; Combine Sounds Expressively


Create Melodies With An Understanding Of The Relationship Between Lyrics And Melody In Songwriting; Create Their Own Simple Songs; Perform Songs In A Way That Reflects Their Meaning


Create Rhythmic Patterns With An Awareness Of Timbre And Duration; Perform These Confidently With A Strong Sense Of Pulse Within Simple Cyclic Patterns


Sing Confidently And Expressively With Attention To Dynamics And Phrasing, With Good Intonation And A Sense Of Occasion; Play The Simpler Accompaniment Parts On Glockenspiel, Bass Drum Or Cymbal


Create Music Which Reflects Given Intentions And Uses Notations As A Support For Creative Work And Performance; Improvise And Maintain Their Own Part With Awareness Of The Whole Ensemble



Living By Rules

Being Fair & Just

Creating Unity & Harmony

Cultivating Inclusion

Indentity & Belonging

Remembering Roots

Being Courageous & Confident

Being Regardful Of Suffering

Being Merciful & Forgiving

Expressing Joy

Appreciating Beauty

Being Curious & Valuing Knowledge

Being Reflective & Self Critical

PE / Games

Net & Wall




Invasion Games


(Modern Foreign


Classroom Routines

Answering The Register

Saying The Date

Describing The Weather

Following Instructions


Recap Of Family Members

Recap Of Structures To Describe Family Members And Say Where They Live

Introduce Phrases To Use When Playing Games In French 

Recap Of Phrases From Y4 And Y5 To Say And Describe Where They/People Live:

What City/Town, What Kind Of Building eg House/Apartment


Recap Of Repetition Requests From Y3 & Y4

Furniture Vocabulary 

Recap Days Of The Week And Months Of The Year

Plan A Holiday To a French-Speaking Country

Structure To Say Where They Will Stay: Transport Vocabulary

Structure To Say How They Will Travel: Places Of Interest Vocabulary


Fiction Genres



Extending Narrative

Authors & Texts

Short Story With Flashbacks

Non - Fiction

Transition Unit - Persuasion

Biography & Autobiography

Journalistic Writing


Formal / Impersonal Writing



The Power Of Imagery, Further Explore The Use Of Personification

Finding A Voice, Explore An Issue Meaningful To Them And At The Same Time Read, Respond, Analyse And Evaluate A Range Of Poems About That Issue








Revise The Reading & Writing Of Fiction & Play Texts

Revise The Reading & Writing Of Non-Fiction Texts



Speaking & Listening


To Use A Range Of Oral Techniques To Present Persuasive Argument.

To Participate In A Whole-Class Debate Using The Conventions And Language Of Debate, Including Standard English.



To Analyse And Evaluate How Speakers Present Points Effectively Through Use Of Language And Gesture.

To Make Notes When Listening For A Sustained Period And Discuss How Note Taking Varies Depending On Context And Purpose.

To Listen For Language Variation In Formal And Informal Contexts.

Group Discussion And Interaction

To Understand And Use A Variety Of Ways To Criticise Constructively And Respond To Criticism.

To Consider Examples Of Conflict And Resolution, Exploring Language Used.

To Identify The Ways Spoken Language Varies According To Differences In Context And Purpose Of Use.


To Consider The Overall Impact Of A Live Or Recorded Performance, Identifying Dramatic Ways Of Conveying Characters’ Ideas And Building Tension.

To Improvise Using A Range Of Drama Strategies And Conventions To Explore Themes Such As Hopes, Fears, Desires.

To Devise A Performance Considering How To Adapt The Performance For A Specific Audience.




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