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Nelson Mandela Primary School

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Lunch Time Menu

Nelson Mandela Primary School provide 4 weekly menus offering your child a selection  of different dishes. The menus include many favourites  such as, fish, roast pototoes, rice, yoghurt and curries. Salad, bread and fresh drinking water is available everyday, to go with your child's meal. The menus are chosen to meet the needs of the children, such as cultural and vegetarian requirements. 

Please contact the school if you are unsure what week we are on.  

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Monday 3rd January - Week 2

Monday 10th January - Week 3

Monday 17th January - Week 4

Monday 24nd January - Week 1

Monday 31st January - Week 2

Monday 7th February - Week 3

Monday 14th February - Week 4


Kitchen Staff

Ms A Mcgrory, Ms K Bhachu, Mr C Traore

Ms M Odedra, Ms U Rani, Ms P Sapa

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