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Our History

Nelson Mandela School in Birmingham opened its doors to pupils on 7th September 1987. It was officially opened by Archbishop Desmond Tutu on 22nd April 1988.

Nelson Mandela visited our school - Click the date below to find out more    

11th October 1993


Nelson Mandela remembered, December 6 2013 - 20 years later

18th July 2018 – Thank You to Nelson Mandela

100 years ago today a very special baby was born in South Africa - far away from the United Kingdom.

Nelson Mandela believed in a world where everyone was treated with kindness and respect. He wanted a South Africa and a world where everyone had the right to happiness, freedom and success.

He was a truly remarkable man who managed to make his hopes and aspirations come true.

He had the qualities that many of us try to have and live by. He didn’t give up, he had resilience and found inner strength and calm in moments of crisis and pain. Nelson Mandela believed in the power of words and shared the Complete Works of Shakespeare with his fellow prisoners. They read words from Shakespeare’s plays that gave them hope, gave them guidance, gave them laughter and gave them strength.

100 years ago in a faraway country Nelson Mandela was born. Today Nelson Mandela is not far away. He is very close by. Our school has his name. Our school every day has a huge responsibility to keep his legacy alive and live a life the way he would want us to.

We are a Rights Respecting School. We learn about the importance of equality and respect. We strive through our actions and our words to make our school, our community and our world a better place. Not just for us but for others too.

Together- we can change the world for the better.

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation” – Nelson Mandela.


This is what Webanywhere had to say about our school website:

"Our first Website Of The Week for the new school year perfectly demonstrates how a school can get the full benefit from its website. Nelson Mandela School have been our most active School Jotter customer over the last few months, and this is obvious even by just clicking through a few of the many menu tabs!

The website is full of information that makes this a thoroughly insightful overview of life at Nelson Mandela School.

Our favourite area, which we definitely recommend visiting, is the What’s In The News section. This provides a great opportunity to teach children about current affairs, both inside and outside of school hours. We can imagine pupils and their parents following a page like this, and even contributing, as they do in their collaborative blog, linked to from the site"

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Nelson Mandela School's Mannequin Challenge 

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